“Weiss’ work is entirely in keeping with one of Wurster’s great declarations: ‘Architecture is for life and pleasure…and for people.”


This remodel of and addition to a 1951 William Wurster designed bungalow modernized the kitchen, and increased connections  - visual, physical, psychological - through the house, toward the City and Bay views, and to the existing garden courtyard. All within the guidelines and inspiration set forth by Wurster himself. The kitchen was enlarged by capturing unused outdoor utility space.  Previously dark and isolated, the kitchen is now connected to the main living spaces and to the central courtyard and garden. A mudroom, a family entrance closer to the garage, and a garden-view desk space were also added.  The addition relates to the existing house: redwood accents refer to the interior redwood paneling, circular skylights were inspired by a circular motif found in the existing eaves, and new connections to adjacent spaces (indoor and outdoor) recall key relationships that make the original house sing.  The addition is also intentionally recognizable as new and current – in deference to the original structure, and to provide a more luminous kitchen that the clients desired.

Photography by Lucas Fladzinski


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