SEAT Design Installation

SEAT is a group art installation which called on 35 artists, designers, architects and artisans to design and fabricate a site specific chair. Inspired by the technology of ship building, specifically that of concrete ship building that arose during the World Wars when steel was scarce, and as pioneered in Oakland in 1917, our SEAT uses Ductal, a new type of high performing concrete that allows it to be much thinner and span greater distances than ever before. Our SEAT floats "dry docked" – it's mooring line securing it to the dock, via the abandoned cleat.  

Curated by Topher Delaney and Kika Probst of Seam Studio, the seats are located along the water on piers at Fort Mason Center, an Urban National Park located on the coast of San Francisco, with sweeping views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and the Bay.