Cole Valley House

 “Bought that run-down old house? Time for an extreme makeover”

-The Wall Street Journal

 Featured in the Wall Street Journal and Dwell Magazine. Without changing the footprint, the architecture of this house, previously the client’s childhood home, was completely re-conceived: the floor plan and spatial relationships were re-designed to be more aligned with how the clients live, use and enjoy a home, and interact with family and friends. The challenge: to make the house look, feel and LIVE more modern, and more aligned with the clients’ aesthetic and family-focused way of life, within a modest scope.  This careful remodel transformed the house strategically.  The changes to the roofline, windows and floor plan result in a dramatically different home – stylistically and experientially.



project team:  Jennifer Weiss, Alexander Cross, Sydnor Elkins

General Contractor:   Farallon Construction 

Art:  Berggruen Gallery

Styling:  JENNIFER WEISS, Alexander Cross, Elizabeth Cooper, Sarah Rye

FurnishingS Sources:   The Future Perfect.  Almond & Co. Karl the Store.

Photography:  Lucas Fladzinski