"Rarely does the invitation to “take a seat” promise an activity at once functional, instructional, and aesthetic. Curated by Brazilian architect Kika Probst and famed local artist Topher Delaney, the new outdoor exhibition “SEAT,” at Fort Mason, showcases work by a stunning range of Bay Area contributors–painters, architects, arborists, blacksmiths, sound engineers, etc–commemorating the site’s history, including its function as Civil War-era fort and a point of embarkation during World War II. For the next year, visitors can enjoy such installations as (above, from top) Oliver DiCicco’s Bow Seat, made of curved steel and wood: Jennifer Weiss’s sleek concrete chaise longue sitting on a bed of coiled rope: and Malcom Davis’s gargantuan chairs carved from 120-year-old eucalyptus trunks–plus more than 30 others."